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elderly man holding hands with wife after choosing a hospice provider

How to Choose a Hospice Provider

Choosing a hospice provider can be a tough decision when it comes to finding care for yourself or a loved one. Researching and asking the right questions ensures that the best service is received. Here are some things to consider when wondering how to choose a hospice provider. Why Choosing the Right Hospice Provider Matters

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5 Benefits of Hospice Care at Home

When you have a loved one who has reached the stage in an illness where their physician is recommending hospice care you have many questions.  This is not the outcome you were hoping for and it takes time to accept that hospice is the best choice for both the patient and the surrounding family unit. 

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Can You Get Hospice Care in a Nursing Home?

Statistics show that 85% of end-of-life care costs are covered by insurance or various government organizations. Coordinating end-of-life care is something that no one wants to do but is sometimes a requirement for a loved one that is nearing the end of their life. What concerns do you have about end-of-life care options? Who can assist you

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Multilingual staff

Hospice Care and Diversity: The Value of Multilingual Hospice Staff

The decision that your loved one needs hospice care services is one of the most difficult you’ll ever make. The considerations involved can feel overwhelming. Does your loved one need in-patient care? Will they require physical therapy? Which hospice program would work best for your family? In our increasingly diverse world, many families are looking

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Music Therapy in Hospice for Quality of Life

Benefits of Music Therapy in Hospice Care

Sound can be a powerful tool and memory trigger. For those in hospice, it can bring up better days, positive emotions, and overall better quality of life.  This is why in alternative and unique hospice care, many professionals like to include music therapy.  If this is new to you, you might be wondering about the role

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Why Choose Hospice Care?

Hospice is a service for patient’s who have a medical condition that limits their life to six months or less. Hospice is also a specialty, just like neurology focuses on neurological conditions, and nephrology on kidney disease, hospice is a specialty that focuses on end-of-life comfort. Hospice providers are trained in all healthcare aspects but

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